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Reason to Believe

dont point fingers, look in the mirror

26 February

o1. Name: Nicole
o2. Hometown: Alabama, born & raised
o3. Age: lovely 14
o4. Status: currently I have been robbed of my heart, that now belongs to my guy.
o5. Role Model: Kris Roe. He reminds me to NEVER give up and that he survived what I'm going through, that its possible to survive what I'm going thorugh these days.

Fall out boy, The Cure, The Smiths, Matchbook Romance, underOATH, Jet, The Killers, Green Day, Blood bros, Taking Back Sunday, The used, Boys night out, sugarcult, modest mouse, guns'n'roses, ac/dc, GC, sum 41, From First To Last, Dashboard Confessional, useless ID, The Ataris, Thursday, Saves the day, June, Nine inch nails, Atreyu, silverstein, hawthorne heights, Black Label, Kristen Svitak, Emerica, Faith, Ride, The vines, blink-182, American hi-fi, Story of the year, Three Days Grace, Smile Empty Soul, Saliva, Something Corporate, Bright eyes, skateboarding, guys, osiris, 88s, MxPx, Family Guy, Furturama, South Park, Inyusha, Case Closed, Drawn together, Aqua Tenn hunger force, Sonny Moore, Derek Bloom, John Amedori, The Notebook, The Butterfly Effect, Dude Wheres my car?, American Wedding, Scary movie 3, zero, THE OC, baker, real, anti-hero, the ring, signs, taking pictures, and skateboarding some more.

Yellow, cuting, posers, element, DC, korn, break ups, spit fire, baggy pants, rap, ex-boyfriends, my neighborhood, being bored, stereotypes, "emo" kids, stubbing my toe, my moms car, the smell of my moms car, being banned from the computer, baby sitting, going to the Publix near the grave yard, Thanksgiving dinner, running into doors, suck ups, stuck up bitches, stupid questions, when my teacher has PMS ((wait thats always)), When Nathan's on his period ((thats always too, damnit)), buzzcuts, my ex's motorcycle, my ex's brothers, waiting, cake

Work --Jimmy Eat World
1*15*?? --The Ataris
Number 5 with a bullet --Taking Back Sunday
Pictures of you --The cure
Boys of Summer --The Ataris
Mr. Brightside --The Killers
Whatsername --Green Day
All we ever needed --The Early November
November Rain --Guns'n'roses
Closer --Nine Inch Nails
All that I've got --The used
Plus more

Words to live by
"Friends Dont let Friends push mongo"

"I'll never be prefect, not in this world.
I'm too stupid, I'm too smart
I'm too tall, I'm too short
I'm too punk, I'm not punk enough
I'm too preppy, I'm not preppy enough
My heart is too full, my hearts not full enough
My boobs are too big, my boobs aren't big enough
I'm too fat, I'm not fat enough
I'm too mature, I'm not mature enough
I'm too pretty, I'm not pretty enough
I'm too me, I'm not me enough"

"Lives a whore. It gets fucked too much."



SOTY is love

Blink is love

SES is love


my journal is